Here is a story about this site coming into being, and what you, as a reader, may expect to see here.

It was the end of a year 2010 when I discovered blog "Not Even Wrong". I haven't read the book, and I have in general missed a social tide away from string theories in the last five years. But, more importantly, December 2010 was a proper time for post with results from LHC to appear. I remember very vividly a lecture with a guest speaker talking about production of micro black holes in some of string theories. And now reality shows this to be not true.
I sincerely felt like a shark sensing a blood in the water.

Let us go back to the end of the 19-th century.
Physics of that time had a very peculiar puzzle on its hands. Maxwell's theory was shown to rule the world. Light was believed to have a wave nature, and more specifically, be wave excitations of an aether. But if it were so, the reasoning went, one could detect velocity of its own motion with a little experiment performed by Michelson Morley (LHC of the time?).
Michelson-Morley experiment showed that in reality one never moves relative to aether. And to explain this, people started to give aether different weird characteristics. There has been lots of weird mathematics (or so I was told, although never checked original publications myself). But it never worked too well.
Then came Einstein and shifted physical postulates, or physical assumptions, from "there is an aether, and light is aether's waves" to "there is light with certain speed and characteristics, and I do not know any aether", and his new theory of Special Relativity worked like a charm.

Situation in theoretical physics around 2000's reminds me that of an aether time a lot, and here is why.
Today we are trying to "marry" Quantum Theory, or more specifically Quantum Field Theory (QFT), with General Relativity (GR). String theory is a shot to solve this puzzle, except that an amount of weird string mathematics just gets bigger and bigger. And when a problem is discovered, it is cured by introduction of more mathematics without real rethinking of physical assumptions.
See, humans make physics. And human reason is not always rational and may have certain inertia. An aether idea was a natural continuation of successful 19-th century classical mechanics' ideas. By the same token, ideas in string theory are a natural continuation of ideas from QFT. In fact, it is very natural to try to apply a successful idea in a new context. One just have to move on, if this new application does not work.
So, with all this, strings just smell like 19-th century aether, even with 21-st century's math.

Back to the blood in the water. Aforementioned LHC result is one of many indications that string theory leads us a wrong way (although this indication is of her majesty experiment). But it is not only about strings. We hold some physical assumptions too close to ourselves, and this might be blinding. So, I gathered my thoughts, which I have been pondering on for quite a while, and put them into an article. And then I came with another idea, based on the article. It is small in terms of the print space, but it is important. So, from a publishing point of view, a site with a collection of essays seems very practical. I will be putting here little essays with a point or two. And you, my dear reader, are a judge of how these are useful. I will be glad if you leave constructive comments.